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What is Editing?

Every manuscript seeking publication must go through two phases of editing: content and copy.

Content editing is done after a first draft of the manuscript is written. This type of editing focuses on the world of the book, the characters, and the story. The content editor looks for factual errors, character inconsistencies, and problems with pacing or plot. This is crucial because the author is often too close to the work to see it objectively. A good content editor will act as a guide through the revision process and help the author create the book he/she set out to write. Some of the questions addressed are:

• Does the story pull the reader in?

• Do we care about the characters?

• Do the characters come alive on the page? Does their dialogue ring true?

• Are there parts of the story that need more development?

• Are there sections that could be cut?

• Are there factual errors or inconsistencies in the plot?

• Is the theme weaved throughout?

• Does the narrative move at a steady pace toward an inevitable conclusion?

Copy editing is done after all content changes are complete. This type of editing focuses on the mechanics of the manuscript. The copy editor goes line-by-line in search of grammatical mistakes. An error-free, final draft is vital before seeking publication. Some of the areas focused on are:

• Spelling

• Punctuation

• Capitalization

• Verb tenses

• Continuity (language, numbers, abbreviations, etc.)

• Sentence structure

• Paragraph length

• Word choice

• Missed words

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